ZENZOOM luxury lounger functions


Ergonomically shaped seat surface, heated seats (optional), Bluetooth user recognition (optional), clear and handy remote control (optional), non-contact Flatlift automatic with flatscreen (optional), Bluetooth soundsystem (optional), orientation light in different colors (optional)

ZENZOOM Luxury Lounger

Seaside and Beach Bars

What better way to enjoy the beach than with a sunbed, crafted to provide comfort? No matter if in your hotel, beach bar, or private residence, the ZENZOOM will make an essential contribution to the well-being of you and your guests.

Stand out by providing them with a unique and luxurious experience they won’t be able to forget. Allow them to dive into a world that is smoothly ecstatic, excitingly calming. If you want to share our enthusiasm, don’t hesitate to talk to us – we’re confident that we can provide you with the sunbed of your dreams.

Gardens and Patios

Transform your property into a cozy oasis. You can utilize the ZENZOOM to complete the aesthetic of your party, give your children a space to play, or simply chill out on it in your free time.

Its various tools and features make the ZENZOOM stand out compared to similar products. It has an integrated bar, and USB-ports for you to connect your electronic devices to. You can also play your music though our high-quality Bluetooth speakers, and impress your guests with the fantastically colorful lighting system.

Garten und Terrasse Liege Lounger

Pools and Bathrooms

If you own a pool, the ZENZOOM might be the final component you need, in order to produce a cozy, homely feeling, even outside of your four walls. It’s the perfect partner for everyone who enjoys a convenient spot to rest before and after swimming. As it’s designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, the ZENZOOM can be your personal bastion of calm.

What better way to take a bath than enjoying some music, having access to fresh beverages from the bar, and charging your phone, all with a single device?

Restaurants, Hotels & Bars

Give your customers the possibilities to relax even more conveniently than before. Not only does the ZENZOOM compliment almost any room with its slick design, the superior comfort it provides also quickly attracts new clients.

They won’t be able to resist the ZENZOOM with its soothing LED-lights, cup holders, sockets for their phones, the potential to let them play their own music, or be delighted by yours, and, most importantly, a heavenly space to sit or lie down and just let their thoughts and creativity run loose.

ZENZOOM Luxury Lounger Beach
ZENZOOM Luxury Lounger Parks

Recreational Facilities & Spas

In any facility where people visit to rest their bodies and minds, the ZENZOOM will allow them to succeed even more easily. In producing the ZENZOOM, our company follows the same goal as your facility: maximize comfort and allow people to find their calm. It’s a perfect match.

Did you know that you can also adjust your ZENZOOM’s color? This way, you can smoothly incorporate it into different settings, and impress your clients with your excellent stylistic choices.

Shopping Malls & Exhibitions

There is a great variety of environments where a ZENZOOM can blend in perfectly. Where large groups of people gather for exciting events, there’s bound to be an overarching desire for rest and comfort. Serve your clients just that by spoiling them with the most relaxing experience of their week.

Give them an oasis where they can hang out and ponder while enjoying the utmost luxury. They can listen to music, charge their phones, and have a convenient space for their drinks. Whichever features you and your customers prefer, you’ll find them here on our website.

ZENZOOM Luxury Lounger